Moises Nido (copia) (copia) (copia) (copia) (copia) (copia) (copia) (copia)

$ 1,700.00

In furniture nest we understand how important it is to have a functional and loving bed. For this we create moses nest; Its oval shape contains the baby. While the structure of its base allows its easy movement.

A piece of unique and artisan design that enhances any space.

Ages:  0 – 6 months approx. You can reuse it as a basket for toys or whites


Design: Valeria Tamayo

Materials: 100% natural handcrafted wicker basket / certified pine wood base natural finish / memory foam mattress pad with memory foam cover 75% cotton – 25% polyester / 100% cotton drawer / linen-bamboo guard 50% cotton – 50% bamboo

Delivery time: 15 days

Bed sheet color

, White,

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